Why now? The world is changing, work habits are reshaping, social businesses are growing, and online business has become a hot topic.

We offer our partners a flexible, faster, more cost efficient and lower risk way to develop an online fresh produce and grocery business that is

Fast and Flexible

Cost Effective

Low Risk

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It also empowers our partners to evolve with limited capital, resulting in online business that is sustainable, scalable and profitable. You will be able to earn up to Rs 20000/ month by supplying fresh vegetables, fruits and groceries in your community.

Family and friends are always supportive when you start something new.Tell them that you have started a new business and would love to get their feedback.When you share the products with them, many will purchase the products and share their feedback.

Now you can earn an additional income of up to 20000/month by becoming Onionz partner. We source fresh produce from farmers and deliver them to businesses within 12 hours. Through just a few clicks, they can be empowered within their communities by selling and coordinating deliveries of high quality fruits and vegetables to thousands of home.

Partner Benefits:

  • 1. Basic training to newly onboarded resellers.

  • 2. Guaranteed Income.

  • 3. No investment required.

  • 4. No infrastructure required.

  • 5. Creating opportunities for everyone.

  • 6. Only in Trivandrum

  • 7. Part Time / Work at home

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What Onionz offers?

Currently, we connect vegetables and fruits farmers directly with businesses.We found a great business opportunity in leveraging technology to build a reliable and cost-effective supply chain from the farm to home, on a daily basis

Wide Variety of Vegetables and Fruits

Best Prices in the Market

Convenient Delivery Options

No-Hassle Payments

Daily Supply

Easy Supply Management

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